World 6 Expensive and latest Gaming Systems

World 6 Expensive and latest Gaming Systems

World 6 Expensive and latest Gaming Systems: The gaming industry is growing Day by Day and taking over from other industries like Bollywood.

As you know buddy!

World 6 Expensive and latest Gaming Systems: Gaming is like an addiction. Children, boys as well as many are playing it. Some of them are content creators and earnings from different platforms like Youtube, Google, etc.

Gaming Industry Worth in 2020?

As you know!

the gaming industry is growing so its money is also doubling in past decades.

According to the year 2020

Video games had reached almost 90 billion Dollars at the end of the year 2020. Its worth in 2017 started from almost 78 billion dollars. The global rate of the gaming market is almost 151 billion dollars.

World Top gaming systems

So we will start from last to the top in the numbering

6.Predator Thronos Air

It is Placed as in the 6th number and it is also called All in one Gaming Chair.


This gaming chair is unique and mind-blowing it is fully comfortable and its total weight is almost 15 kilograms (KG). This Gaming system has 3 monitors. This chair is invented or designed by the company Acer. It can easily be carried anywhere. it also has a rubbing system to give comfort to the user If got tired while playing. It game system price is almost 14000 dollar.



This gaming system is a virtual reality game system. This gaming system is changing the world in real life. In this game, the gamer can handle the in his hand and also run on a chair and it feels like you are playing in real-life or in the real world. Its design is amazing and mind-blowing because of its features and type. Players have to wear a belt before playing so they can run easily. This game is also considered for E-sports. Its price is almost 20000 dollars.




do you like to play a car airplane and another vehicle then this gaming system is for you and you will like it? This system will give you real-life enjoyment in driving. In this gaming system, you can change the gear and control the handle as you want. With the help of this gaming system, you will be skilled at driving planes and vehicles as in childhood. Its price is almost 45000 dollars.

3.Omni Deck


As I said at the top that the world is changing in the future you will can,t imagine that where am I because the world will be so much developed in others as well in the gaming industry lot. Omni deck is a realistic shooting emulator and also virtual so you will imagine while playing that it seems like the real world. It is especially for shooters who love it. If you wanna buy It you have o pay 60000 dollars too large but enjoyment.

2.Extrem 4*4

This game is specially developed for car lovers. In this game, you will like you are in the car driving it at full speed this car is invented or designed by a Spanish company High speed. In this system you all the feeling of driving a car it is fully functional. This system can also be used for driving Practices also. It consists of four moving excel which senses your movement



In this, if you are playing a game moving in the system will also move in that direction it is cool buddy. The player can enjoy the game as he is playing in the real life. YOu can buy this gaming system for 25000 dollars.






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