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WhatsApp Updated, introduced its new policy and privacy

WhatsApp Updated and introduced its new policy and privacy


WhatsApp Updated introduced its new policy and privacy: WhatsApp is the app platform that is owned by Facebook.

As you know Buddy!

WhatsApp is also a Facebook owner app so Facebook will not allow any more users to use it if they refuse to share their data with the company.

So here’s in the photo you can see clearly what he is talking about. Now the app had signed a forced agreement to share his data. WhatsApp is thinking for a lot of time to change you finally they did it.

But the people are not happy with this policy. People are sharing their points of view on social media like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

Some people are going and doing leaving WhatsApp and deleting the app because they don,t like the policy because I think now they will not think their talk secure so that the reason which I think.


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