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With the increase in remote work, many people are looking for applications and software that facilitate collaboration with colleagues remotely. While Microsoft Teams has been around since 2017, many people are not entirely sure about the details of this platform, and how it can be used.

What is Microsoft Teams, and how can you use it?

1. What is Microsft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and networking platform for companies, professional groups, and organizations. Users can switch between multiple teams on the app, each with its own members and channels.

Microsoft Teams is a good alternative to Slack, but it also includes a set of additional features thanks to its compatibility with other Microsoft applications and programs.

Some of MT features include:

Text channels (chat) that team members can join and follow.
Schedule meetings and conference calls.
Voice and video calls.
Screen sharing during calls.

By integrating MT with applications such as OneDrive and Word, you can upload documents to MT channels and ask members to edit and add to these documents.

2. Is Microsoft Teams free?

It contains a standard edition that you can use for free, and there are also paid subscription plans for larger organizations.

The free version for Teams includes a wide range of features, including:

Unlimited chat messages.
Voice and video calls.
10 GB of cloud storage space for team files.
2 GB of cloud storage space per person for personal storage.
Integration with “Microsoft Office” applications.
Integration with third-party applications, such as “Adobe” and “Trello”.
Safe communication and collaboration.

The paid plan targets large enterprises and includes additional storage, file-rich collaboration, additional application integrations, advanced IT controls, and enterprise-wide security.

3. How to use Microsoft Teams?

You can access Microsoft Teams on your team’s website, through a standalone computer program, or via the mobile app on Android or iOS. However, Microsoft Teams works better when used on your computer, and the mobile app is the most suitable option for on-the-go use.

4. Is chatting in Microsoft Teams private?

It is important to note that chats can be monitored and flagged for breaking workplace communication policies. This feature is available for workplaces that integrate MT with Microsoft 365 services.

Basically, don’t post anything on Microsoft Teams that you don’t want your boss or your boss to see.

5. Can I video chat with Microsoft Team?

Microsoft Teams has a variety of video calling, conferencing, and live broadcasting features. You can even change the background behind you while having a video chat with MT for a more professional and distraction-free look.

To make a video call with your team members, select a contact, then tap the video call icon.

Users can also set up a conference call or presentation using the Meeting feature in it. This feature allows you to select a meeting at a specific time and send an invitation to the meeting participants. Then attendees call the hosted call on it.

At the time of writing this article, up to nine people can appear on screen via video at a Microsoft Teams meeting. However, Microsoft plans to roll out a feature that allows up to 49 video participants on a single screen.

In addition, meetings also allow you to share your screen with other participants in the video meeting.

On the off chance that you need to make an introduction or a live transmission rather than a video call, you can pick “Another live occasion” when setting up another gathering. You can then select the presenter from among those present at the meeting.

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