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Ways To monetize and to Size up your YouTube Channel

Ways To monetize and 6 ways to Size up your YouTube Channel


Ways To monetize and 6 ways to Size up your YouTube Channel: The world is changing and people are generating a high passive income online. Most people start their business from existing company Youtube. Where People share their videos on many topics like Roasting, Memes, Gaming, etc. People love videos and share them all across social media.

Why YouTube

The good thing about youtube is it is based on videos and the best thing about youtube which people love is it is free you have no to pay to register on youtube and it is easy to earn on it. You just not required such high equipment the thing is you need is a good mobile phone to start and people are gaining good subscribers with a simple mobile phone. Monetizing their Channel. If you want to learn more.

What needed for monetization

The thing needed for monetization include

This is what youtube says

When you apply for the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll go through a standard review process to see whether your channel meets YouTube’s policy and guidelines. Only channels that meet them will be accepted into the program.

Youtube will publish ads after the monetization and will give you the money according to the views.

Way To monetize

Way to monetize include

  1. Good content
  2. Regularity
  3. consistency
  4. no copyright


Strategies to size up your channel

strategies to size up your channel include

  1. make the list of YouTubers who make the content similar to you and check their content which they make and make similar and unique to them.
  2. To find the youtube channels similar to you use the tool Vidiq which is the most used tool which helps you to find the keyword and the channel similar to you.
  3. Go to channel and check the channel analysis and check the blue button on the edge of the videos and check which is trending.

4.add all these channels in the competitor tools and check their subscribers and check their videos.

5.By analyzing their channels you will have a good content idea that what they make what I have to make to defeat them.

6.Finally don’t afraid to get in the comunity@rival2 channel. one day you will be leading and go to collaborations.




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