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Free Keywords Planner Tools:- If you are a blogger you’re really concerned about the topic or keyword for your blog! Like me. The most important thing when you’re doing SEO and for approval of Adsense is the content or a blog you’re written. Many of you people write a vast 600-1500 words content but as a result of traffic, the blog doesn’t respond to you as you thought.

And many of you when applied for Adsense, didn’t approve of you because of the low traffic.

First of all, if we talk about Google SERP that How the Google SERP algorithm works. The first thing the SERP robot sees the content word length. Probably the minimum requirement for the Adsense approval is 12-16 posts with a character length of 750 to 1500 characters. If you’re thinking about how can I check the length of my content, there are so many tools available on Google or Online.

If you’re a beginner or started your blog. Or thinking about how you can rank in Google or get more organic traffic. Then the answer is to research the topics of your website. Many of the companies offer free keywords planners/keywords research tools. Because the keywords really matter when you’re doing SEO, and want to rank your site in google.

Many companies offer online apps from which you can get the keyword volume or the keyword density from which you can plan your keyword from these keywords planners and can write your content freely.

There are a lot of keyword planner tools and online software available but they are not enough accurate due to non-maintenance. So I researched and tried some of the tools along from the internet. This tool also recommends by the Experts. You can use them on your laptop PC. So Let’s Start with the Best 4 Free Keywords Planner Tools, Such as 

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1. MOZ

MOZ is very efficient to use. it provides you free keyword research tool-free. You can also use the app plugin for Chrome or Mozilla. MOZ plugin also provides the user to check DA, PA, Backlinks and has many other useful features. You can also check the Onpage details for your website and also helps you in other aspects of SEO.

When you use their Chrome Extension. The Bar will appear on the top of the browser window. It helps you to Find the site Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), or Spam Score (SS) of your site or also those sites you surf from browser.


2. UberSuggest

Uber Suggest is a very efficient tool to use. This App is developed by an Indian entrepreneur named Neil Patel. Neil Patel is the top entrepreneur and top 10 marketers by Forbes. Neil Patel also has a Digital Marketing agency as well as also provides users to use free tools. Ubersuggest is the most recommended SEO software or tool recommends by experts. It is an in One tool app.

This is a 100% free and very efficient online tool. You can audit your website free of cost. Users can also get a free SEO audit. Ubersuggest also offers keywords planners, keyword ranking, and backlinks data. This is the best tool for you if you’re a beginner.

This tool also helps the user to SEO Audit.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush is a software as a service organization based in Boston. It is an SEO tool and a browser extension before adopting the SaaS model. It is a very useful software for beginners.

This software is free but limited by use from the company. They offer 10 times of results per user. Once you reached the limit the only way to use this app is to be pay for continued use.

I personally use these three apps when I am searching for keywords. These keyword planners are 100% free of use and very useful if you’re a beginner. This tool really helps you with your on-page SEO.

4. Google Keyword Planner

Google usually helps a lot to beginners. The company offers a keyword planner tool for free or this is one of the best Free Keywords Planner Tools. That’s works with the AI of Google SERP. You can find keywords for your blog there. It is a free tool for all users or you can use it unlimited times.

You can use this free tool to find new keywords linked to your business and see estimates of the searches they receive and the expense to target them. The keyword planner gives you the keyword volume, keyword density, Keyword searches ratio that make your content writing as easier as a piece of cake. Or helps you to get Adsense approval faster.

You may search about the latest policies regards Adsense Approval. Google fairly makes changes in every update.

Many people get confused about Keyword planning that what to do! My personal preference is to write your content own self, watched youtube videos related to SEO, or how to write content.

If you’re interested to generate AI Content, Then comment down, I’ll help you with some latest tricks or tips.