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Tiktok Banned in Pakistan Officially by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority)

Banned Tiktok: Many rumors are spreading in the mid of September on Banning Tiktok across Pakistan. As we see earlier many countries Banned Tiktok in which India is also included. Today on 9-October-2020 Tiktok is Banned Officially in Pakistan by PTA as everyone is looking for. This Ban is expecting from Mid September.

In the morning, many people face no loading Tiktok issue but many people think that’s only a server problem. But PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) Officially announced the Ban Notice on Twitter in the evening. If you open the Tiktok now the Ads from Tiktok are running as normal but the videos are not loading or also you can’t signup or neither login. The reason for the BAN on Tiktok is the Anti-Islamic videos, Vulgar videos. The Statement on Banned Tiktok by PTA

Moreover, this Ban is only for Pakistan so if you want to use Tiktok as usual then you simply need to Download a VPN or Can use TikTok as Usual. But it is important to tell you that. There is a Hope available of unbanning TikTok. If you use VPN the Banned Tiktok is not effective. Because of the recent Tweets from PTA is that The PTA is reviewing the app. If the Tiktok official cooperates with the PTA. Then there’s the hope of the Lift Ban from the Ban.

But on this time the Tiktok App is not responding in Pakistan. Hope The PTA Lift the Ban from Tiktok soon.

When the Indian government Banned Tiktok in India, then Tiktok faces a huge loss of Traffic and also the money. The Indian government also offers cooperation from the Officials of TikTok but due to non-interest of the officials is the reason for Ban on Tiktok in India. If all things are going through like this the Tiktok will be removed in no time.



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