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Signal better than WhatsApp, Secure and privacy Signal vs WhatsApp

Signal better than WhatsApp: As you know buddy! Recently WhatsApp launched its new privacy and policy that WhatsApp users are now Facebooking customers their data will be shared on Facebook.

So people don,t like it and leaving WhatsApp and joining signal and telegram 

Here we will discuss the best and the improvement of what to choose their function privacy and policy. because people are creating a panic situation.


WhatsApp is the biggest social media messaging company almost with 2 billion active users than others really big numbers.WhatsApp also gives that quality and function which another platform like Signal, Telegram Gives. The end-to-end encryption is introduced in WhatsApp in 2016 to message the other. In WhatsApp, you can do chatting, voice message, video call, group call, and show status to others.

Here,s some difference in both include

  • WhatsApp group members maximum is 256
  • Your device id
  • Your mobile and the version
  • can share location
  •  email requires
  • Your data
  • your contacts
  • customer support


The signal is fully open-source than WhatsApp. The Signal is now growing up after the privacy policy changed of the company and now become 20 million above active family almost. Signal also makes groups of a maximum of 1000 members. Signal also gives the function like chatting, video calling, messaging, group making, and also adding group call services but you cannot broadcast your message. The best feature In the signal is you can send notes to yourself but on WhatsApp, you cannot send the file and other things like photos to yourself. There are also private stickers, emojis, and others but they are in limited numbers than WhatsApp.Insecurity, privacy, policy signal stands head and shoulder above WhatsApp and telegram.

Signal Demands from its users include

  • None(signal only stores your Phone number as personal data almost, neither your IP, neither other personal information)