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How to cure Blood Pressure in 3 minutes in an emergency?

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How to cure Blood Pressure in 3 minutes in an emergency?


High Blood Pressure is a dangerous Condition it can damage your heart very badly, and it is perilous for cardiac patients it can cause many diseases and can cause death, but there are many treatments to cure yourself of that and many exercises to prevent Blood Pressure. In this post, I will tell you to How to Cure Blood pressure in 3 minutes.

This Blood pressure is increasing day by day as the world population is increasing. Out of every 3 adults in America, 1 has high blood pressure. Many people do not know that they had blood pressure, It can many other diseases just as heart attack, Heart failure, and stroke, etc. Its cure is easy not much hard to do so let,s begin:

How to cure Blood Pressure instantly?

There are the following points to cure your blood pressure instantly for a test or in an emergency so let’s start:

  • Try to be calm because some sudden incident makes a person worried which increases his blood pressure so calmness will decrease your Blood pressure.
  • Sit Down, Close your eyes and take a deep breath and stop it for some moment, and then release it. It will put your body in relaxation.
  • Take your medication if the doctor has given you for lower blood pressure it will help you or Do some natural thing to lower blood pressure which will be given in the next point.
  • Try to have a cup of tea it will help you in lowering the blood pressure.
  • Eat a bar of dark chocolate it will help you in decreasing the endorphin s which will calm your body.


The thing I highlighted in the point clamless the most because sometimes hypertension makes the blood pressure too high and sometimes doctors thought about the patient makes us so worried so in that time we need to calm ourselves because it is easy to control in the initial stages but it is dangerous when it starts increasing so be calm.

Why is it dangerous to lower our blood pressure too quickly?

Before we talk about the tips to lower blood pressure let take an eye on why is important or dangerous. As you know Heartcarry blood to all parts of the body and blood vessels also carry the blood to the brain but when the pressure is high/ large blood drops will damage your brain and other organs and which will damage the working organs which can cause stroke and heart failure.

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According to David Cherney, A clinician-scientist, Ph.D., etc said that

Urgency is a problem that should be dealth with in hours or a days and emergency is a problem which should be dealt with in minutes.

Tips to lower the blood pressure Naturally

The tips to lower the blood pressure are the following described below:

  • Walk and exercise regularly it will help you in the calm and will control the pressure:

Walk and exercise will make your heart stronger which will help the heart to bear and pump blood pressure. The important thing to be noted here is don,t start too much exercise on your first day it can cause heart problem so start the exercise slowly and increase the exercise daily mean daily walking will increase your heart health.

  •  Reduce your sodium intake:

Reduce your salt intake because in many studies it is called that more salt intake increases blood pressure tremendously. It can go in your body through many foods which include salt so many health and food corners are adding lower salt in their food to save the customer from the blood pressure.

  • Drink Less Alcohol:

Drinking alcohol is the third cause of increased blood pressure it is also very very dangerous to health and can cause many other diseases. Low intake of alcohol protects the heart and a large number of intake damages the health and heart.

  • Eat more Potassium-rich food.
  • Cut back of caffeine:

If you drink coffee daily you know that after drinking coffee it boost the body which increases blood pressure, People who drink coffee daily have an elastic increase in blood pressure so you have o cut that caffeine. It also included that people who drink caffeine and tea will have many heart problems. You can check by cutting it and see is there any change in the blood pressure.

  • Learn to manage stress:

Stress is the main key driver to the increasing in blood pressure. when you are under stress your body is at a physical fighting level that means a faster heart rate and constricted blood vessels. When you are under stress you are more likely to engage in other behavior just drinking alcohol more and more and smoking to calm yourself either applying the other methods to calm yourself so also helps in increasing blood pressure.

  • Eat dark chocolate and cocoa

As you are trying to lower the blood pressure naturally it is also recommended to have an appointment with to doctor to get advice as I am doing good according to my situation.


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