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How Water Thermos will charge your phone?


Hot Water Thermos will charge your phone: The Beijing Institute of space vehicle engineering of the rocket has invented or designed a new technology of mug which can charges mobiles.

In easy word to say that they have designed a mug which can charge a mobile by putting in hot water. As well you know the world is changing and becoming modern and providing man an easy and comfortable life as time passes.

Hot Water Thermos will charge your phone: The mug is at an experimental stage and is not available for commercial use. The mug will work as a power bank. In the future power, the bank will be more essential and common as smartphones are now.


The hot water mug can convert heat energy into electrical energy. This gadget will help you stay pure and hydrated and will charge your mobile.

In the future, this type of technology will help to remove wireless wires and this gadget will help in space.

This type of Technology will the countries and the places where electricity is not supplied will help them to charge their mobiles.


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