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Heart Attack-Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment-You need to know

Heart Attack – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment-You need to know

Heart Attack – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment: Heart Attack is a major cause of death in the medical part all over the world. A heart attack is a medical emergency you have to call the ambulance because it is a serious case. You have to prevent or save from it its causes and others.

When a Heart attack occurs

A Heart Attack only occurs when the flow of blood to the heart is blocked. the reason for the blockage may be happening because of the build-up of fat or cholesterol and other substances. This type of substances form plaque in the arteries which feed the Heart.

Types of Heart attack

There are three types of heart attack

Symptoms of Heart attack

The symptoms of the heart attack may include


The Cause of Heart attack is because of your bad habits as the scientists believe because you build up your fat which causes Heart attack here’s your point and you increase your cholesterol which causes heart attack and other substances.

basically, these things block the arteries and form a plaque in the arteries which blocks the arteries so eventually, no feed comes to the Heart so it causes a Heart attack.


the treatment to treat the heart includes

When you will call the emergency health center they will tell you to take aspirin.


What to do if you or someone else have a heart attack

if you or someone else have a heart attack then do these things immediately.

Food that causes a heart attack


Can Stress Cause a Heart attack?

Sudden stress can cause high cardiac pain which the patient feels like a heart attack.


you can say that in stress there is no blockage so how so high stress causes the blood to move fast so the heart pumps the blood fast so there the arteries can be demolished or destroyed because of the pressure.

What does a mini heart attack feel like?

Mini heart attack feels like a pain in the chest and another part of the body the pain took several minutes and then go.

The big mistake we do in it is we think that it is a small pain and don,t go to the doctor for a checkup so it increases as time passes and it causes severe pain in the chest.


To prevent heart attack includes to control yourself from cholesterol and fat and stay healthy do exercise daily, run, walk eat healthily, don’t smoke, stay away from alcohol, eat a healthy diet.





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