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How to make money from Blogging in 2021?



Earn money from Blogging is that the dream- you’ll be able to do it from the comfort of your house, doing one thing you genuinely get pleasure from. Adsense is a great option to get paid online. Or if you want to get Adsense approval you need to follow these steps.

But of course, it’s not that easy.

Creating a blog that companies will pay to work with takes time and effort, but if you stick with it. it’s definitely something that could be possible for you. There a lot of effort required if you’re creating a blog online.

Some companies Like, Blogger, WordPress, or many others offer a free platform to start your career as a blogger for free. But if you want to get Earn money from blogging in 2021 you just need to approve Adsense approval for your website otherwise you can’t be earned from Blogging. There are also many others ad networks available for earning. But Adsense is most preferred for a handsome online income.

Here are some ideas for going about it. and 5 Things you should really know before starting to earn money from Blogging and going to send an Adsense approval request!

1. High-Quality content

High-quality content initial things, if you want to make money blogging then your site needs to feature high-quality content. This is content that’s worthy to a reader, free from plagiarism, offers useful (non-spammy) links, and is generally pleasant or interesting to consume.

When you’re working on developing a blog, really focus on your content- the words you use, your language, grammar, and the photographs that will bring the words to life. The Least Require content is 900 to 1200 words or 30 contents before you go for AdSense. You can select any type of niche but it’s not on any illegal activity.

It takes time and effort to create this kind of content, so don’t rush it and focus on filling your site with things your audience will want to read.

2. Professional design

A professional style whereas content is king, the design is also important.

A professional design will be clean and easy on the eye. It will make your site look appealing so that people will want to read what you have to say. At some point in your blogging journey, you’ll need to focus on website design to bring it up to standard. Advertisers and sponsors can need to figure out sites that look nice, as well as provide useful content. There are many free professional themes available for use. If you’re using WordPress or blogger they have already installed professional themes as default.


3. Follow options

Follow benefits, If you want to build a readership and assure people come back, you need to give them follow options. Sign up with a blog follow sites like Blogging, and link to your social media pages. That way, readers can catch you and will see your tweets and posts each time you release new content.

Give as several choices as doable, as different people will want to follow in different ways. Some can solely catch up together with your updates on Instagram, whereas others will prefer Facebook or Twitter. Some users, especially those that don’t use social media might prefer for your latest post to be delivered to their email, so have email notifications set up.

4. Contact details

Contact features In time, you will start to get the attention of advertisers who want to work with your site- so make sure you have contact details easily available on your blog. It is very necessary to have a Contact Form on Home Page OR an Easily accessible page for contact. It also needs to be clean or professional.

This is also a requirement from AdSense if you wanted to be AdSense approved! If you didn’t add this page to your sites then it is difficult to get Adsense approval. Be sure to use an email address that you check frequently to avoid missing out on opportunities.

5. Engagement Finally

Engagement Finally, when sponsors are choosing sites to work with, they’re most likely to choose those that have engagement from their readership. So encouraging comments and shares will not only mean your content reaches more people (Something we all want as bloggers and writers) but that sponsors are more likely to work with you too. 

You have to choose your keywords very wisely or have an Easy UI. So, every time a new user comes to your site can easily find what he wants. Meaning more earning opportunities!

Ask a matter at the ends of your weblog posts to encourage comments, network with different bloggers, and support one another. Build genuine friendships with bloggers, it’s rewarding as well as mutually beneficial.


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