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4 Habits you have to give up if you want to live a happy life

4 Habits you have to give up to live a happy life


4 Habits you have to give up to live a happy life: almost every person has a  dream to live a happy life but some part of our life does not make us happy. Some people sort out or figures out to live happily but the question is that How? We have come to know that how can we live a happy life? We can live happily by leaving four Mental or other Habits.

If we unlearn or remove those habits from our brain which we had adopted from our society and social media we will feel happiness in our life. These are the lessons that we have to unlearn immediately.

1.Forgiveness (hold a grudge)

The bad habit which is found in many people is feeling anger, hate, etc. The anger or hate stays in our mind for the long term and eating us inside or destroying us.

The key to leave this habit is forgiveness, we have to learn forgiveness it lightens our burden.

The second thing which not makes us happy is the distraction because it causes a problem in our goals and puts us away from our goals. So we have kept ourselves away from social media and relax for some time and think about you or your goal.

Social media and the anger, hate to create negative thinking so we need to be aware of them.

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The third thing which not makes us happy is because of us. we start making comparing ourselves with others. Comparison only shows one side picture of the other but the other person has hundreds of sides or pictures so we take the wrong decision to compete with him.

We fail in knowing him or defeating him we only see him outside not see his inside that how is he/her competing to get success so, be careful while comparing or rather don’t compare others with ourselves.

4.Not helping each other

The fourth and the last thing is we do not help each other. Help is the key that makes us happy when we help anyone.

Think buddy!

the smile created on others’ faces because of us how joyful the moment is. We think that we are the leaders we will not help others. You know buddy Sikh people are helpful their minister standing to get their shoes to arrange them in an arrow in their temple and Muslims are also helpful in their region.