4 Cool Websites you didn’t know exist!

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According to Google, there are 1000+ websites published daily on the internet. All websites belonging to any niche that is targeting any industry any business and news magazine type. Seldom of them are look interesting and cool for the users. Here’s the list of 4 Cool Websites you didn’t know exist! Cool websites to visit in 2021

There are many cool websites are available on the internet but I collect 4 useful, helpful, and cool websites.



Remove.bg is an AI-Based software tool. Remove.bg is a cool website to visit in 2021. Everyone looking for a background-removing tool. There’s a lot of Apps websites, Softwares are available but Remove.bg offers extraordinary features to facilitate their users. It easily removes the background of any of your Pictures. Because of this work on AI, the remove.bg removes the background as accurately as you do it manually. It is effortless to use. The user interface is also very friendly.

The working algorithm of this site is very easy. There’s many software Like Adobe Photoshop, PicsArt, etc. But you have some basic knowledge to use these Apps. In Remove. bg you simply add your photo to the site automatically removes the background for you. With their user-friendly interface, everyone can remove the background if he didn’t have basic knowledge too.


4 Cool Websites you didn’t know exist!


2. Temp-mail.org

This is an anonymous e-mail service. Temp-mail.org provides you a temporary email for signups or any further activities. You can use this mail for Facebook, Instagram any OTP (ONE TIME PURCHASE). This email is encrypted end to end. The reason for this in our 4 Cool Websites is,

The mail provides you Disposable Temporary E-mail. The other benefit of this Email you don’t need to worried about spam, advertising mailings, hacking, and attacking robots. Keep your real mailbox clean and secure. Temp Mail provides temporary, secure, anonymous, free, disposable email addresses. Once you used the provided mail, after restarting the server automatically deleted the mails and the email.

4 Cool Websites you didn’t know exist!

3. Buildmypc.net

Buildmypc.net is a Custom PC Part Picker Tool to Build Your PC. You can customize your required specs by picking parts by your demand. You can build any specs Laptop or PC. the reason for this site in our 4 cool websites 2021 is, there’s a wide range of Processors, RAM, HDD & SDD.

User can pick any brand component from there the website automatically check the availability for you and show you the lowest price component on commerce site. Another amazing feature of this is when you’re choosing any component, it shows the lowest price on famous online sites like Amazon, eBay, etc.

They also checked the availability of the component that you’re chosen. It takes much effort and a deep understanding of computers to build such websites. According to us, the only best website other than us is pcpartpicker.com which also provides the best compatibility for your pc building.

4 Cool Websites

4. Neal.fun

This is another cool website that you really need to visit in 2021. Neal.fun is a cool & funny website with much helpful knowledge. This website is made for kids’. Because It is an animated website so kids can easily use the website for fun & gathering knowledge. It can also help your child in many ways, like homework on the deep sea info, animal names, Speed, Stars, etc.  The Design of this website is specially made for kids under the age of 10.

It had many knowledgeable games for kids like:

  1. Ten Years Ago
  2. Sell! Sell! ell!
  3. Macaroni Draw
  4. Universe Forecast
  5. The Auction Game
  6. Printing Money
  7. Life Stats
  8. The Deep Sea
  9. The Size of Space
  10. Conquer the World
  11. Share This Page
  12. Dark Patterns
  13. Who Was Alive
  14. Where does the day go
  15. Draw Your Island
  16. Life Checklist
  17. Speed
  18. Paper
  19. Draw Logos From Memory
  20. Progress
  21. Spend Bill Gates’ Money
  22. Baby Map

The best thing about this site is ad-free, your child didn’t go out to any other false site.


This is the list of 4 cool websites to visit in 2021. Thanks For reading More Go to Home

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